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I liek it.

All right, I thought I'd finish the main game before writing a review.

Now, the game was amazing. I did get put off by william's sprite; it looked a little off with the theme. He looked too simplistic compared to the rest of the game. The art, oh the art of the game was insane. I do love how the rain did not distract me at all from the game itself, yet helped keep the right mood. The minimal use of baddies was interesting, making this more of a "walk around and explore" kind of game, which i enjoyed very much. Music-wise, there was absolutely nothing wrong! It wasnt annoying, or repetitive or flashy, it was just... awesome.

Those fairyflies were KIND of annoying sometimes since they're almost invisible at times (which can either be intentional or not, but sometimes it was just too much). A counter for how many fairyflies you have might also be nice, like at the top corner or something so that you dont have to stop running to count how many little dots are following you.

As derivative as this game was, i liked it. I say derivative, because as much as anyone cares to argue, this game doesnt REALLY bring anything new to the platforming flash game world. It was nice and all, but nothing too special.

Sly's movement at first frustrated me, it seemed unreal (physics-wise i mean) but after a while the fun took over, so it was all good. I cant really put my finger on it, but theres just stuff missing...


WOW, it was a smart, unique, clever, foxy idea. But that one giant darkling is an annoying sonofagun. It took me a while to formulate a plan, so that i could take that badass giant down. Fun stuff though, its good for a saturday morning game :)

I give this 4/5 (because i cant give it a 4.5) and 9/10 stars :)

I like the art and everything...

Just, you know. WOW. This really got me with its non-linearity. Its really unique, and though the animation could be worked on a tiny bit, the whole storyline and concept is just spectacular. Great job on the art too. Its not tough, its fun, its pretty to look at, the NPC dialogue was funny and creative :) and yea, yknow? All my five belong to this, and all my ten. I honestly dont see how anyone could low score this.

Oh, and to all the idiots who compare this to william and sly? Read seditions blog. He clearly states that he had finished jade wolf 1 before william and sly was out, so any similarity is pure coincidence. That is all :)


Nothing special, just a standard dad and me like combat game. I guess it means that you know how to make a decent game, but maybe you should put your skill towards original ideas. Meh. No super combos at all? Kinda sad.

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I dont even know what to say... Me and my friend were laughing our asses off the whole time X) 5/5 10/10 :D

DumbassDude responds:

Damn, 5/5 and 10/10.

I feel so happy (;


Nice. Starts off kinda slow in the beginning, but then it picks up a bit later. I like it. Whimsical, and a lot better than anything i could make. Although, you could have thought up a better title.

Petrov2012 responds:

Yea, I know. I am just starting to mess around with FL Studio. I could have spent more time on it.


I love this! HAHA, could i use this? It loops awesomely too.

Mmm, i make comics, i love drawing, and im in high school. Anything else? Oh yea, im also on the Borne Games Forum. Check out my site ;D daily webcomic

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